Anti-Profiteering: SOP

The anti-profiteering clause of the GST Act allows consumers to file complaints against companies if there is reason to believe that a company is n

E-Way Bill Implementation

In the 24th GST Council meeting that was held over video conferencing, the esteemed Council members decided to prepone the E-Way Bill roll out. The

Impact on Entertainment Industry

The makes of the controversial movie 'Mersal' have not  very sbutly criticised the new indirect tax enough to invite the wrath of certain BJP

GST on Lotteries and Game Shows.

Supply of lottery has been treated as supply of goods under the Central Goods and Services Tax. The tax will be charged on the face value of the lo

GSTR-2 - Part 2

Every registered taxable person is required to give details of Inward Supply, i.e., purchases for a tax period in GSTR-2. These are the details to

GSTR-2 - Part 1

GSTR-2 is the return containing details of Inward Supplies. Gain an understanding of why GSTR-2 is important, who needs to file GSTR-2, the differe

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